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Jewel Picker Setter
Brand: Afantti

Jewel Picker Setter Pickup Tool - Wax Pencil Rhinestone Pencil Picker - for Pick Up Rhinestones Crystals Jewels | Double Ended | Flatback Rhinestones (2400 Pcs)



►Double Ended Wax Pencil: the Wax End for pick up the rhinestones, the Pointed End for position and set the rhinestones in place

►Comes with an Additional Wax Head for replacement

►2400 Pcs Flatback Rhinetones: Total 12 colors (3mm, 190-210 Pcs/color)

►Makes picking up & positioning rhinestones easily & effortlessly!

►Great for all kinds of rhinestones, gems crystals and other small jewelry

Package Includes
● 1 X Rhinestone Pencil Picker,
● 1 X Wax Head
● 2400 X Flatback Rhinestones (12 colors, 190-210 Pcs/color)
● 1 X Carry Bag

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