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Hotfix Applicator Kit (Violet)
Power:110-240V, 15W
Brand: Afantti

Afantti Hotfix Applicator Rhinestone Setter Hot fix Applicator Wand Tool Bedazzler Kit Set with 7 Tips & Hot-fix Rhinestones (Violet)



►Hot-fix applicator wand with ON/OFF switch, extra-long 4.6ft electric cord. Easily to apply rhinestones to cotton, denim, etc. 7 Hot-fix Tips: 1 x 2/3/4/5/7 mm tip, 1 x 9mm flat tip, 1 x hot spot tip

►Comes with 3 boxes hotfix rhinestones: 1 box of mixed color, 1 box of crystal white, 1 box of crystal AB

►2 Rhinestone Pencils & 1 Jewel Tweezers: Perfect for picking up and placing rhinestones, studs and other small sequins for creating intricate details

►1 Cleaning Brush: After applying the rhinestones, the tips will be sticky with glue. The Brush will be a great help for cleaning the glue off the tips.Just brush the tips like brushing teeth,the tips will be clean and shiny again !

►Includes 1 Hot Fix Applicator wand, 7 Hot-fix Tips, 3 boxes of hotfix rhinestones, 2 rhinestone pencils, 1 Jewel Tweezers, 1 Cleaning Brush, 1 Support Stand

● Power Supply: 110-240V, 12W
● WorkingTemperature: 428°F/220°C 

● Use the product under dry condition! DO NOT immerse it in water!
● Keep it away from inflammable materials during use, or it may catch fire!

Kindly Notes:
● This hotfix applicator ONLY works for "hotfix" rhinestones. The "hotfix" rhinestone has glue at the bottom, which will be melted and sticky after heated up by the applicator wand.
● Do not touch the applicator the tip during use or not long after use because it gets very hot and it may burn
your fingers!
● Wait until the tip cools off before changing tips, becaushot tip becomes very crisp and breaks easily in high
● Intended for use by 12-60 yrs. Keep it away from children under 12 years old!

Package Includes:
1 x Hot-fix Applicator Wand
2 x Rhinestone Pencils
1 x Support Stand
1 x Jewel Tweezers
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Carry Bag
7 x Hot-fix Tips:
● 1 x 2mm SS6 tip
● 1 x 3mm SS10 tip
● 1 x 4mm SS16 tip
● 1 x 5mm SS20 tip
● 1 x 7mm SS34 tip
● 1 x 9mm flat tip
● 1 x hot spot tip
3 Boxes Hotfix Rhinestones

Ideal for applying hot-fix stones like rhinestones, studs, and crystals

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